Review Policy


All of the books reviewed on this blog have come from my own collection. I buy all of my books in paper, digital, or audio format (brick and mortar, Amazon, Abebooks, Audible, Kindle, Apple Books).

* The views expressed on this website are my own and in no way are meant to reflect that of any author, publisher, editor, or reviewer, unless specifically noted.

Honesty and Earnestness

My goal is to write honest and fair reviews. However, I am most interested in sharing books that are important to me, or that I like. I want to hear from others about books that move them too. Negativity and criticism doesn’t necessarily equal fine discernment or good taste. 

Niche Markets

I respect everyone’s taste and point of view. However, I just don’t like, or am turned off by, most works of horror, crime, or murder mystery. Of course, there are always exceptions. So if you’d like me review one of your favourites from these genres on this site, please give me a detailed explanation about why you loved it. No promises though.